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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 5, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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quaker instant oatmeal. does your breakfast make you amazing? important announcement in the governor's race again. after days of waiting, republican bill brady is expected to concede defeat to pat tomasulo. good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america. judy wang has more on the top stories. >> reporter: wait for bill brady to make his campaign aniewnsment. counting conditions. there are still thousands of ballots to be counted in the stiff chicago and suburban cook county. it could be a few more weeks before we have the official
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totals. cook county resumed counting at 8:00 this morning. it's in the process of counting 10 how to ballots. on the city side they resumed at 10 with 11,700 ballots to gsm late yesterday quinn led brady by 19,000 votes so it appears pat quinn may have avoided fate of other democratic governors nationwide and won his first full term. quinn has stopped short of calling on his opponent to concede but sure talked like a winner when he showed up at manny's deli at lunchtime. he said it was time to put the bitter campaign behind and he has a lot of work to dosm he re- iterated his support for an income tax hike to help deal with budget deficit that could top $15 billion. bill brady told reporters in springfield yesterday his campaign was still collecting data and evaluating that data. election results don't have to be certified until december 3. spokesman for the chicago board of election commissioners tells us this time there are a lot
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more absentee ballots to count. >> both republicans and democrats sent out applications to voters who had a primary voting history on their side. so that resulted in a lot more applications than we ever seen. absentee voting had been on the decline over the last several years because more people were using early voting. and this election with the mailing out of these absentee applications and the new law that allows you to vote absentee with no excuse you can vote from your living room if you want, more people took advantage of it. >> reporter: bill brady is scheduled to make his announcement at 1:30 this afternoon in bloomington. pat quinn also says he would be open to sitting down for a meal with bill brady similar to the beer summit u.s. senate candidates aleksei giannoulias and mark kirk had after the election. in the loop, judy wang, wgn news. election season isn't over for chicagoans. now it's on to the mayor's race but the list of candidates got a little shorter with the
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announcement that state senator ricky henden is dropping out. wgn's nancy loo is live at city hall now with the latest on that race. >> reporter: well, ricky henden came here to city hall to announce he won't be running for city hall. and he said he was doing so in the name of unity. the state senator is part of a powerful african-american coalition of elected officials, business people and community leaders poised to select a consensus black candidate to endorse in the mayor's race. that group has set up a meeting tonight with two likely mayoral candidates. the reverend james meeks of salem baptist church and long time congressman, danny davis. henden says he stepped back because he knew that coalition support would not be there for him. >> the fact that they called back, they did not call me back sent a clear message to me that i was not going to be the
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consensus. the fact that they called back reverend meeks and congressman davis said to me that they had problems with the two that they had narrowed it down to. >> reporter: again, meeks and davis will be meeting tonight with the coalition which has expressed support for former senator carol moseley braun and county commissioner larry rogers. henden expects coalition to take a vote tonight on a consensus candidate to support. we are live at city hall, nancy loo, wgn news. he is not an official candidate yet, but rahm emanuel is counting the cash from a hollywood fundraiser held for his mayoral bid. emanuel's brother super agent ari emannial hosted the funds arer in hollywood along with several other big time hollywood heavyweights while the former white house chief of staff was in hollywood, some of his potential rivals in the
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race criticized him. for example, former u.s. senator carol moseley braun accused emanuel of abandoning the obama administration during the pivotal congressional races. and at a swipe of emanuel, gary chico held his own hollywood fundraiser last night at the hollywood grill in whiker park. chico is trying to become chicago's first hispanic mayor. but experts say he risks splitting the hispanic vote with city clerk miguel del valle. he talks up endorsement of another prominent latino lawmaker, joe moreno. last month former alderman manny flores put his support to chico. >> changing a tire on the side of the road, indiana service truck driver is killed by a passing vehicle. 63-year-old phillip amsten had been called to help a semi with a flat tire last night on i-65 in northwest indiana. he was parked behind the semi. police say he was working between the two vehicles when an suv slammed into the back of
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his truck crushing amsten. the suv rolled over and injured that driver. the power is back on at two large office buildings in the loop. and electrical fire broke out in a com ed vault before 5:00 this morning. the flames knocked out power at a building at 150 north whacker and 110 north whacker. some of the people who work in those buildings got to start their weekends early by being sent home by their employers. electricity came back on a little later after 8:00 and investigation is underway into what sparked that the fire. demolition crews will begin working on chicago's long vacant michael reece hospital. 103-year-old hospital was once the planned site for olympic housing in chicago's bid to win the 2016 glaims. the main building administration building and parking -- parking structure will be removed to make way for mixed income community. only building left will be the historic singer pavilion. mayor daley says fixing the hospital's serious structural problems would cost $13 million.
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demolition which should be complete by the end of the year will cost only $2 million. chicago's most prominent clinic for people living with hiv and aids may be forced out of business by the end of the year because of financial mismanagement. the howard brown clinic on north clark street in lakeview allegedly improperly spent federal money for an aids study to pay the operating expenses. it will take half million dollars of new money from somewhere to keep the clinic only. the 600 regular patients many with aids or hiv. five out of six illinoisans with aids live in chicago area. the chicago area is getting $4 million to fight obesity. the money was awarded by the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention. it will be divided among cook county local governments, schools and other community based groups. organizers-- organizations will receive 25,000 and $200,000 to
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support programming to curb the obesity epidemic. coming up next, another qantas passenger plane experiences serious engine problems during a flight. >> more trouble for nasa's oldest and most traveled shuttle ahead of its final mission. we were getting into the holiday mood. singer catherine mcfee is here to perform new songs off her christmas album.
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another qantas boeing flight experiences engine problems in mid-air. flight was on its way from singapore to sidney, australia when it had a h a problem. the jumbo jet had to return quickly to singapore and landed safely. scare come days after a qantas
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airbus super-- made an emergency landing in singapore. a large piece of the engine broke off falling down on to a highly populated area. qantas grounded its fleet of a380. cuban authorities are recovering body after they try to figure out what caused a plane crash. the aero caribbean was heading to havana yesterday when it crashed in a mountainous area. the plane first reported an emergency around 5:45 p.m. local time. then lost contact with air traffic controllers. witnesses say the plane made several sudden movements before crashing to the ground and bursting into flames. officials say there were 40 cubans and 28 foreigners but no americans on board. in haiti, hurricane tomas is flooding a sea side town. town already devastated by an earthquake. in port-au-prince, more than a million people living in makeshift tents were told to leave. many have nowhere to go after
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january's devastating tremors destroyed their homes and neighborhoods. town getting pummeled is west of this capital city. the national hurricane center is predicting flash floods and mud slides in some areas. many of the residents are already ankle deep in mud. winds are reaching 85 miles per hour. the complete lock down of a massive nasa research center is over. the center is located in cleveland, ohio, right next to the city's airport. it has more than 3400 employees and contract workers. there were concerns a gunman was on the loose there but it was a fault alarm. misunderstood message sent of the automated emergency notification system. and another delay for the space shuttle "discovery." it was supposed to lift off for the final time today but crews discovered a hydrogen leak during fueling. the launch won't take place now until at least monday. the latest and most serious
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problem to hit the shuttle. the shuttle experienced gas leaks two times last year. it's about the jobs. that's why president obama is heading to asia this afternoon. the president's first stop on his ten day tour is india. he is hoping to encourage expansion for trade. and he is going to indonesia japan and south korea. in south korea he will meet with the chinese president. the president's longest trip abroad. why at&t customers no longer have some of their favorite cable channels pp look at today's top business stories is next. later in lunch break, known for showing you how to turn a bad recipe into a delicious dish. the folks from america's test the folks from america's test kitchen are
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hi, this is bloomberg's courtney done hoe from our headquarters and today's
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business headlines. jobs in focus on wall street. payrolls rose more than forecast in october. employers adding 151,000 jobs but the unemployment rate held steady at 9.6%. president obama said unemployment report is encouraging news that the economy is recovering. meantime aig swinging to a third quarter loss. the bailed out insurer rolled down -- and took charges tied to repaying rescue ploafns ceo is selling assets and planning to raise funds from private equity investors to repay tax pairs. staying with earnings, kraft beat expectation buzz missed on revenue but that rose because of high prices for product pppedz food companies say they are increasing prices to cope with rising costs, wheat, dairy and sugar. elsewhere, serious says it's trying to make the holidays as stress-free as possible for shoppers. the retailer is now offering in- store pick up options like wal- mart and sears to go app for
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smart phones is available and a lot of free shipping promotions. before i go, quick check of the markets. stocks are fluctuating throughout the session. jobs report pushing shares higher but stocks are lower. i'm courtney donohoe, now have a great weekend. at&t -- customers are blocked from some popular cable charges. 2.7 u-verse customers no longer get channels such as food network and great american country. the problem stems from contract negotiations between at&t and scripts network. the companies have been unable to reach an agreement. voters in buffalo grove made history on election day. they are the first to recall an elected official in the state of illinois. 70% of buffalo grove voters ousted lisa stone as village trusty. stone is accused of -- not
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accused of any illegal wrong doing but they urged her recall because she was difficult to work with. refused to follow the rules and wouldn't stop talking. mayor daley will not waste time finding a new person to head chicago public schools. daley says he plans to name a replacement for ron huberman within the next month. huberman announced he will step down at the end of this month. chicago teachers union says it's more important or more concerned about finding a quality replacement rather than a speedy one. huberman was head of cps for two years and now plans to go into private sector. chicago public school officials plan to make it easier for some kids to get into magnet schools. a new policy increases the chances for students in neighborhoods with low performing schools. new plan would accept fewer top scoring students. last year a federal order banned use of race in admission to the highly selective schools. cps also wants to automatically accept siblings in the same schools when there is room.
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school board still has to approve the ideas. about 23,000 infant car seats are being recalled because of faulty harness clips. the consumer product safety commission says the clip on the chest harnett can break loose and pose a risk of cuts or choking hazard. the company has received three reports of cuts and scratches and one report of a child placing a broken clip in his mouth. the seats were sold nationwide and online from june 2009 to last month. contact the company for a free repair kit. coming up next, you know her from american idol. we have a live performance from catherine mcfee. >> she is going to be performing songs from her new holiday album.
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new album is christmas is the time to say i love you and
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tomorrow she will be on hand to light the macy's great tree here in chicago. you might remember catherine mcfee from the '06 american idol. >> '05. >> maybe it was 0. '. season five. you probably more than i am. >> one of the most exciting american idols and i remember it well. it was also one of the highest rated, was it not. >> true. >> and you know what? runners dowp quite well. what have you been doing? >> have i been doing a ton. i released two records. got finished shooting a movie and doing a lot of charity work this year as well. working with amazing organization called feeding america. i'm going on my first uso tour in a week to japan. everything is busy and great. >> tell me, america does love christmas music and that's part of the title. how did you go about deciding which songs to include. >> i made a huge list. the songs that everyone has grown up with. and it was kind of a process of
12:23 pm
elimination of trying to find -- working with the songs and trying to find if i could put my own stamp on it and so something didn't work, scratch it off and then left with what you were left with and then billy squire song christmas is a time to say i love you is an old song he did that no one has covered before and it was written for mtv when mtv got started. and i fell in love with it and it would be fun to do this song. >> when it comes to christmas, all the rule goes out about what we think we like with music -- >> for sure. >> it's all wonderful. tell me about the christmas tree event with macy's. yeah. supposedly the 103 year that they have done this. i thought that was astonishing. i will be at the macy's downtown chicago and i will sang couple songs and i will get to do some cd signings and meet everybody out there. and also i'm doing -- if it you are watching this from other cities i'm doing one in atlanta and san francisco. >> they are keeping you busy. >> they are. i'm honored.
12:24 pm
>> what are you going to perform? >> i will sing a little bit of have yourself a merry christmas. >> might be one of my favorite. >> my favorite, too. >> good luck. ♪[ music ] ♪[ music ]
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bulls were lucky to get their third win in a row. highlight of the night game came in the first quarter when derrick rose had a high flying dunk. they managed to outscore the bulls in the second quarter sending up 18-point half time lead. knicks maintained double digit lead most of the game after
12:29 pm
knocking down 16 three- pointers. bulls lose 120-112. it's the 25th anniversary of the bear's super bowl season. to comet are the that memorable season, allstate put together the glory days. some 85 bears tribune. event will be held tonight features players and coaches from the team. mike ditka spoke this morning on the appreciation of those players and fellow coach buddy ryan. >> i learned not wasted on the young. took me a long time to get smart and understand a lot of things. you are head strong when you young and maybe i was. boy, i'll tell you what i certainly grown to understand and appreciate what these guys meant and what this coach meant and what all my coaches meant but especially him because his players related to him on defense like i never seen. before or since, believe me. >> the current bears leave for canada tomorrow which hopefully will bed go for them. their last two games at united states have not gone well.
12:30 pm
a home loss to seattle and interception filled loss in washington. that's a look at sports. tom skilling is next with the full forecast. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more.
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well, let's all take a deep breath. >> it's friday. >> and be grateful that it's friday. what kind of weather do we have to look forward to? >> we will start this weekend cool. and then we have a big warm up coming sunday, monday, tuesday if we play our cards just right our mother nature does, might wind up with a 70-degree temperature in there somewhere. >> awesomes in even recovered to 66 on sunday afternoon. very good. well, you know something, we were in good shape on this side of the lake. these clouds were just seeing the back edge of them. these have been raining, sleeting and snowing on the
12:33 pm
other side of the lake in our north central indipped, lake snow belt, parts of indiana gotten in on this. and michigan as well. this follows our own ice pellets yesterday and some cases with a couple of flashes of lightning. quite an interesting pattern. the u.s. weather regime is just amazing. we had 100 degrees at san diego yesterday. hottest temperature ever there so late in the season and yet on the other side of the country, snow will whiten the appalachian mountains from north carolina and north to west virginia and we sit between in the cool air which is producing these lake clouds and see where the heaviest of them are occurring. they go into parts of porter and laporte county and bareon county and michigan. we are getting the instability clouds to develop. air aloft is cool. rate at which temperatures are dropped is quite sharp. so as afternoon goes on and what heating we get today, this is the coolest day in april and low 40s. nonetheless the day time heating will produce the cumulus clouds and we might get a spotty shower.
12:34 pm
look at the sunshine out to the west of us. we got a nice weekend on the way. no major rains and this set up lake effect set up will break down. you noticed and this is well depicted here. the green is liquid. the pink area where you get ice pellets and snow mix, it's snowing. so we have the lake warming the air and turning the precipitation to rain. melts the snowflakes as they come out of the clouds and then as you move away from the lake you get ice pellets and snowflakes to come down in those areas. there is the rain. changes to some ice pellets and then to snowflakes. this is our model forecast. we are up to 11:30 tonight still lake effect going. but we think the whole set up will begin to break down tomorrow and we ought to get some accumulation to this moisture over here in parts of michigan. not in chicago. showers that we see today will be quite
12:35 pm
scattered. yesterday. for this weird u.s. weather pattern. highly amplified flow with 150- mile-per-hour wind crashing in from canada over the eastern u.s. while this dome of warmth is expected to move eastward. the warmth that warmed california yesterday, 96 in l.a., 99 at riverside yesterday, that will drift eastward and replace the chilly air that will be in tomorrow. temperatures in some cases have not gotten out of the 30s. that's the first time we have done that since april and you can see this cool air that has come into the country. but it's warming -- warmer today as you get up into the northwest territories of canada than it is here in chicago. how is that for a reversal of the normal routine. there are temperatures. there are the winds blowing across the area and we calculate windchills there in the 20s here in chicago. 20 at marquette right now for the coolest around the midway -- mid west and double digit temperature losses compared to yesterday. warm up is underway out to the
12:36 pm
west and that will come eastward. could be amount to 20-degree temperature increase between today's 42 and the 70 that we may see by monday and 66 expected on sunday before we get there. northwest winds of 17. humidity 43%. there are 14 states with frost and freeze advisories. these include northern florida. you can see the low dew points down there that gives you an idea where the night time temperatures are going to go. and there is the sprawling high pressure that's come out of canada with south winds starting to blow on the plains to warm things up. but the north winds blowing to the east and that is to the eastern u.s. so that warm air is pressing eastward but won't be here for a couple more days in the chicago area. one thing for sure there is not much moisture going on. that continues a trend that we have seen all through the month of october and early november. cold air this ten day forecast shows it lifting out. here comes the prod of warmer
12:37 pm
tuesday next week. then a weather system will travel up between that warm air and the new developing cool air surge that comes in late next week and the following weekend. look how expansive that is supposed to be. so we have some chilly air on the way. after this warm up that's coming in early in the week. and of course the big story of steve and allison have reported, coming out of the caribbean, that's haiti right there. the hurricane is moving up just to the west of haiti producing driving rains and flooding in that country which was devastated by an earthquake back in january. 300,000 people lost their lives at that time. since then about 1.3 million people are living in tents. and we were warned to move to safer shelter. the problem is there is no safer shelter in many cases. they have nowhere to go. quite a tragedy unfolding in haiti. this afternoon partly sunny. blustery. coldest temperatures since april with a high temperature
12:38 pm
of 42. and a north, northwest wind at 12 to 24 with gusts. partly cloudy. blustery, chilly tonight. lake effect in michigan and northwest indiana from porter county eastward will be winding down slowly with time. the last of it will be going into the early morning hours tomorrow and then breaking down all together. but a low of 27 at o'hare. but as low as 20 in our western suburbs and 34 at chicago's lakefront. partly sunny, chilly tomorrow. high of 48. but sunday brings sunshine filtered through high clouds. windy and milder conditions. and high up to 66 degrees in the afternoon. and maybe 70 on monday and tuesday which would be remarkable. >> i call that a gift. >> it is a gift. it's like late indian summer here. >> and i will take it. >> thanks. >> and this is the weekend when you change your clocks. >> you do. >> chicago fire department would like for you to think about your smoke alarm battery as well.
12:39 pm
time to change your clock. change your battery program. on sunday morning it's the end of daylight savings time when the clocks roll back an hour at 2:00 a.m. for central time. you might be a good idea to check that smoke alarm battery as well. i will call you and wake you up at 2:00 a.m. and remind you to turn your clock back. >> so we lose daylight. >> that's autumn. >> here is our trivia question today. i think steve and tom will get this one. which board game was introduced on this day in 1935 by parker brothers. was it scrabble? risk? or monopoly? what do you think? the answer is still ahead on the wgn midday news and your live illinois lottery drawing is next. >> we will get together on tom's home on marvins gardens. nobody in my family ever had a heart attack.
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the nation's top cancer killer by as much as 20%. they studied people who smoked at least a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years. the results, the ct scans detected tumors at an earlier stage than regular chest x- rays. the scans provided a clearer picture of the lungs and doctors were able to move faster on treatment. the popular antidepressant drugs cymbalta has won approval to sell as a pain reliever. fda approved use of cymbalta in cases such as chronic lower back pain and arthritis. 30million patients have used cymbalta since its approval in 20046787% of those patients used it as a mux low skeletal pain reliever though it wasn't promoted for that use. the approval could increase sales of the drug before its patent expires in three years. and americans will keep getting fatter and fatter. primarily because it's becoming more contagious.
12:45 pm
harvard university researchers say the u.s. obesity rate will top out at 42%. that contradicts other experts who say the obesity rate has peaked at 34%. now why the increase? researchers say that people who have obese friends increase their chances of becoming more obese by more than half. unfortunately, the study says making friends with skinny people doesn't help you lose weight. of course. that was going to be our next question. if i get real friendly with dina bair, will i shed this weight? lunch break is next. america's test kitchen shows us how to make a flavorful and healthy version of meatloaf. >> more live music from catherine mcfee. ♪[ music ]
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you know our next guest from america's test kitchen. jack is here with a new and healthier way to cook everything for your family. he is here with recipes from the america's test kitchen healthy family cookbook. and today we are making everything from santa fe meat loaf to pear oak crisp. so nice to meet you in person. >> great to be here. >> you have a lot of fans in chicago. >> well, hopefully when they see the santa fe meat loaf we will transform this to american comfort food. >> will you help me? >> i would love to.
12:49 pm
>> you are my sous chef today. you can just start mixing these ingredients. >> mix it? >> mix the eggs. this is our sort of flavor pack. we have chicken broth. oregano, we have chili powder, tomato past. and this stuff is all -- if you will take fat away, you got to add flavor. garlic, salt and pepper. next is we add cheese. little reduced fat cheddar cheese and then i will let you switch to that. >> sous chef needs to switch tools. >> and that's -- you need a binder. next is you got to add some vegetables. part of what we are doing is we are trying to stretch the meat we were adding by making this healthier with additional vegetables. we have red pepper. corn. we've got scallions, cilantro and then mashed black beans. can of black beans.
12:50 pm
>> i hate cilantro. >> you hate cilantro. >> anybody else not like cilantro? >> not my favorite. >> you add two pounds of extra lean beef. >> let me mix this. >> we were going to do this at home we would get there with our hands. that's the only way to do meatloaf. go ahead. do it. >> there is the meat. while you do that i will show you this little trick over here. i will switch gears and you are kneading and i will secure. you need really free form meatloaf with crust all around. that's the best part. rather than putting in a loaf pan and what i'm doing here is this will be greased with foil and then i will make little perforations so the fat can drip away and you are literally making holes in there. >> don't want to lose too much fat. >> you know what? we added so much good flavor you won't miss the fat.
12:51 pm
transfer that to -- >> ready for know bring it over? >> bring it over there and then i have a glaze here which we won't glaze but if you wanted to glaze it-- you pop the -- spicy smoked dry jalapenjos. they go in the glaze that's on top. >> i see. you have ketchup and some vinegar and spicy chilis and it's absolutely delicious. >> you will have to do the glaze i think. >> i'm not going to let you touch anything at this point. >> she is done. i could always lick my fingers. an hour in the oven and that's what it looks like when you done. >> when do you put the glaze on? >> goes on before the oven and then halfway through you glaze it again. i will have something i think you will like. the dessert. the secret to a great pear crisp is to cook the fruit and
12:52 pm
topping separately. >> any fruit chrisam? >> the fruit needs to stay in the oven longer and if you put the topping on a sheet like this and cook it separately it gets crunchy and then you marry the two at the end. i will get my hands dirty on this one and once the fruit was cooked -- it has pairs, lemon juice and sugar. >> how long will i cook my fruit? >> half an hour. crisp topping which all of the ingredients are oats and nuts and flour and brown sugar. cook for eight minutes. and then put them together and you go back in the oven for five to ten minutes. and i'm going to give you a taste of this because you worked hard and you deserve something for your efforts. >> thanks, jack. i will use this. >> that's the design for you. and the topping has got the nuts in it and oats and really crisp and the fruit. and you can do this. with amounts instead of pears this will work great and sort of healthier. >> and peaches?
12:53 pm
>> you can do peaches. any fruit you like and a nice crisp topping to it. >> this is excellent. and know what? i would argue that this is a serving of fruit. >> it is. you can have it for breakfast. >> okay. jack, you wonderful. great personality. great chef. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and the cookbook, go gettism america's test kitchen healthy family cooking. don't just watch cooking on tv. actually do some cooking at home and learn more log on to their website, america's test for a link log on to our website,
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hi, folks. hi. we're ready to switch our car insurance to progressive. today just seemed like a great day to save. oh, it's not just today. with our free loyalty program, you earn great stuff like accident forgiveness and bigger discounts just by staying with us. oh! ooh! so, what you're saying is, it gets even better with age. oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today. we will start with the answer. which board game was introduced on this day in 1935 by parker brothers? was it scrabble? risk? monopoly? if you answered monopoly, you are correct. >> i think we all got it? >> i didn't. i thought maybe scrabble.
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>> you go straight to jail. >> i do. do not pass go. >> do not pass go. that's right. steve and i used to spend our time in baltic and mediterranean. >> grew up on baltic. >> i'll tell you. >> rough neighborhood. >> well, it's not a rough one today. it's a gorgeous day out there. little chilly. we got some lake effect cloud going into the other side of the lake and some instability clouds developing here. there is a little bit of sleet and snow action across the lake. there is the radar view of the same. and it's chilly and going to stay that way through tomorrow. the big story developing for the chicago area is major warm up that commences on sunday and continues monday and tuesday and wednesday of next week. then some very cool air comes down after that. there are wind gusts across the mid west and the local area. up in the 20, 25 miles per hour range. but that married with the 10 degree colder than yesterday temperatures you see there and across much of the eastern u.s.
12:57 pm
makes for a pretty autumninal weather scene. it's warming already. temperatures are through the begins to get in here by the time we get to sunday here you see the whole thing transpiring. see the warmth? this is a ten day animation. we put the air masses in motion and then this mammoth cool air out break comes out late next week and following weekend. it looks chilly. but is going to be nice on sunday, monday and tuesday. and there is another look at tropical storm -- actually hurricane tomas with 85-mile- per-hour winds right now. the storm has strengthened overnight is headed for the southeastern bahamas. the hurricane warnings in eastern cuba, jamaica has been hit by squalls and southeastern bahamas. but haiti bearing the brunt of the storm with real tragic situation unfolding there. with folks homeless and in intense -- >> where do you go? >> telling them -- where do they go? >> it's terrible.
12:58 pm
and there you see the amplified or wavy jet stream pattern breaking down. so that's the basis for this seven-day forecast it shows quite a warm up and we will check the stats and get back to you at 5:00 and 9:00 tonight with updated numbers. 42 today. 48 tomorrow and 66 sunday with really 70 on monday and tuesday. then settling back as scattered shower on wednesday. better chance on thursday and better chance friday before the big cool off next week. >> enjoy your weekend. >> you guys, too. >> get some rest and have some fun. >> thank you for joining us today. >> have a great weekend. remember we are back at 5:00 and 9:00. we will leave you with more live music from singer catherine mcfee.
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